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E-Z Strokes 1 OZ. FIRES TO CONE 06 TO 6
Translucent Underglazes


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Achieving the perfect look is easy with Duncan® E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes! Their intense pigment allows for high definition and decoration on your pieces. Create a watercolor effect with one simple stroke or add shading and depth with additional strokes.

E-Z Stroke Underglazes are ideal for airbrushing, antiquing and brushwork. They can be applied directly to greenware or bisque and layered over most underglazes, allowing the basecoat to show through. They’re safe for serving food when coated with a Duncan food-safe clear glaze.

Colors are available in 1-oz. squeeze bottles and assorted colors are offered in pints.


E-Z Stroke Los underglazes son ideales para el airbrushing, antiquing y engobes. Se pueden aplicar directamente a la pieza cruda o a el biscocho y capas sobre la mayoría de los bajacubierta, permitiendo que la capa de base para mostrar a través. Son seguros para servir comida cuando están cubiertos con un esmalte transparente Duncan.


Alcancar o visual perfeito e facil com Duncan e-z Stroke Translucent underglazes!  Seu pigmento intenso permite a alta definicao e decoracao em suas pecas.  Crie um efeito aquarela com um simples curso ou adicione sombreamento e profundidade com golpes adicionais.

E-Z Stroke Underglazes aso indeais para aerografo, antiquing e brushwork.  Eles podem ser aplicados diretamente em greenware ou bisque e em camadas sobre a maioria dos underglazes, permitindo que a camada de base mostre.  Eles sao seguros para servir alimentos quando cobertos com um esmalte claro Duncan.  

As cores estao disponiveis em 1 oz. Espermer garrafas e cores variadas sao oferecidas em pintas.

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Dear Sr./Madam I would like to know about a product you sell or distribut.They are paintings called Ez Stroker (killn required) of Duncan. I am from Argentina but i have a friend who will be travelling to miami in april. Could i have the list of colours in order to make the requirement?- May be you can send me this list by e-mail, i choose the colours and i by the paintings, and this friend of mine could collect for me in Miami, or, if you prefer, you can carry the packed to the place where he will stay?. As regards the price, i want to know how much it is each one, or if you make a discount inthe case of buying a certain number of paintings?. If you can confirm my intencion of buying, i want to know if i can pay with credit card or cash in U$S delivered in hand in the place that we can arranged? Looking foward to hearing from you as soon as you can, i send you my regards. Susana

Hello Susana, We will be emailing you the EZ's in a few minutes. The price of each bottle is $3.85 and if you purchase in full case lot (12 per case) you will get a small discount. If you buy in volume then you will get an additional discount. You can pay with your credit card and if you send us the name of the person receiving, the address and the City & zipcode we can ship directly. Please send us a list of the EZ's you want and how many of each and we will email you back an quotation with your total cost including shipping charges. Thank you, Mayvel Concepcion, Miami Ceramics and Clay Supplies, Inc.